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  1. Zip Line



    ZipLine™ 58 – Rapid Deployment, Low Cost, Phone/Data Line

    ZipLine - When Wires Won't Work

     Reduce your installation costs for hard to reach remote and temporary sites securely and quickly with the ZipLine 5.8GHz Ethernet Radio, 2 wireless phone lines AND ethernet extender from Higgins International. 

    The ZipLine is a fast, affordable alternative to trenching cables through impassable terrain or across parking lots, streets, or concrete aprons. A typical trenching job would cost $3,500 to get started and average $200/hr in operations costs thereafter. At a fraction of the cost, the ZipLink could be installed and running in few a hours.

    • NO permits or licenses required
    • NO need for surveys or right of way maps
    • NO direct burial cable
    • NO radio experience necessary
    • NO trenching costs or delays 

    2 POTS lines and/or Ethernet connections are extended up to a mile by an encrypted 5.8GHz direct sequence radio signal. The ZipLine is an all-in-one solution that houses all electronics in a rugged outdoor antenna enclosure. Tough enough for permanent installations in demanding conditions (-40°F to 130°F), the ZipLine is ideal for  temporary jobsites and re-used again and again.  

    Consider a few applications: 

    • Extend PBX Extensions 
    • School/Work Campuses 
    • Point-of-Sale System/Credit Card
    • Fuel Tank/Card Lock Systems 
    • Truck Stops
    • Horse Farms 
    • Traffic Control 
    • Vineyards
    • Marinas/Boat Docks

    Teletics ZipLine 58 Datasheet (NEW!)

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  2. USR5686G-angle



    Get super-fast Internet connection for your business and drive productivity with the USRobotics 5686G modem. With Fast Connect (V.22), this USR modem renders 1200 bps connection, and is ideal for POS and ATM transactions. The Modem on Hold (MoH) feature of this external modem offers screening of incoming calls, making it possible for you to answer them when required. Quick Connect (V.92) feature of this USR modem offers faster dial-up connections and attachments. The External DIP switches of this external modem lets you configure critical settings manually. The extra LEDs on the USRobotics 5686G modem let you monitor the signal strength.

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    The C-1000B Line Concentrator 3 to 1 allows up to 3 separate C.O. lines to connect to one telecom device.

    On incoming calls, each of the three lines can ring one specific device.

    The C-1000B Line Concentrator is reliable and compatible! Manufactured to strict standards in the USA.

    The C-1000B Line Concentrator is compatible with virtually all analog phones lines, communications equipment and phone systems.



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  4. Yeastar BizFax E200

    YST-E200 Yeastar BizFax E200


    BizFAX paperless fax system is an intelligent fax server that combines the traditional fax technology and network technology. After connected the PSTN telephone line and built up the connetion with the LAN or internet, by using the BizFAX Client software on their computers, users can easily to create a safe, efficient and affordable fax system for enterprise. Through BizFAX Client software or BizFAX Web Client, every user is able to get the auto-receive, auto-fax and management features. When sending a fax, users only need to submit file to BizFAX server, and then system will auto fax the files in order. Administrator has the authority to configure the system parameters and manage the users’ information. Learn More
  5. FAXJ-1000 Front View



    The FAXJ-1000 is a 4 device (4 port) dual function voice, modem or fax switch.

    The FAXJ-1000 is a versatile phone/data/fax switch. It automatically routes calls via fax CNG tone, central office distinctive ring, or touch tones included in the dial string by the calling party. The FAXJ-1000 offers full manual transfer capabilities.

    The Internal Call mode (intercom) lets you create an “internal” call from one port of the FAXJ-1000 to any other port.

    The FAXJ-1000 stores and retransmits caller ID information so that it is truly caller ID compatible.

    The FAXJ-1000 lets you have up to 4 distinctive ring numbers or 1 number for up to 4 phone connected devices or a combination of both on one line for the phone(s), fax, answering machine, modem or any device(s) that you choose.

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