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Quick Overview

The Multi-Link SR-3 Distinctive Ring Call Processor is simple, accurate and dependable. The SR-3 gives you the same functionality 2 or 3 phone lines on 1 line.

The SR-3 programs itself. One switch lets you choose the option of 2 or 3 phone numbers. Except for this, all you have to do is plug your phone equipment and your phone line into it. It is really that simple.

Smartware learns your distinctive ring voltages the first time you plug it in. it will never misroute a call. The SR-3 is 100% accurate. Dual surge and lightening protection makes the SR-3 dependable and reliable.

If you need a simple distinctive ring router, the SR-3 may be your best choice.

SR-3 Distinctive Ring Call Processor

  • SR-3 Distinctive Ring Call Processor
  • SR-3 Distinctive Ring Fax Switch

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SR-3 Quick Start Guide

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SR-3 Owners Manual

Additional Information


The Multi-Link SR-3 is the simplest and most accurate distinctive ring only line sharing technology in the world today. It offers no programming or options except to choose either 2 or 3 numbers.

The SR-3 simply routes your calls to whatever phone devices you plug into it by the phone number (normal or distinctive ring) called. With the SR-3 you can have 2 or 3 phone numbers and pay for only a single line plus the small extra expense for the distinctive ring service from your phone company.  

The SR-3 will only work for incoming calls if you subscribe to your local phone company’s “distinctive ring service.” It can also be used without subscribing to distinctive ring service for only one incoming device (regular phone number) and up to two outgoing only devices such as modems or credit card terminals.

The reason it is always 100% accurate is that it uses Multi-Link’s patented “Smartware” technology that actually learns the ringing patterns from your particular local phone company’s “distinctive ring” service so can never make a mistake.

If configured properly with your local phone company it will work with phone company voice mail and call forwarding which are restrictions when using the more common tone detection products that don’t require the distinctive ring option from your phone company.

The only restriction is caller-id for the main (normal ring) phone number which will still work with an alternative installation using a simple single line two device adaptor. With this installation you would loose the barge-in protection with busy signal and all your phone calls would ring on a fax or modem call until the device answers.

If your only requirement is to route calls by distinctive ring, The SR-3 is a very good choice

Answering Machine Silent Transfer Option No
ASAP Programming No
Auto Fax / Modem Detect - Distinctive Ring No
Barge-in-Protection with Busy Signal Yes
Simple Barge-in Protection Yes
Cable Phone Company Compatible No
Caller-ID Retransmission (store and forward) No
Caller-ID Ring Reduction No
Caller- ID pass thru mode No
Call Forwarding - Distinctive Ring Yes
Call Waiting Compatible Yes
CO Interface Ringer Equivalence Number: 0.9 B
Device Interface 48 Volt DC
Dimensions 5” W 7 1/8" L 2 3/16" H
Distinctive Ring Auto Routing Yes
Distinctive Ring Auto Routing + Caller-ID No
Distinctive Ring Semi- Automatic Routing Yes
DSL Compatible Yes
Emergency Barge In No
Emergency Call Manual Override No
Extension Detection No
Extension Detection - Barge-in Protection No
Extension Detection - Call Grab Feature No
On-Line Extension Protection No
Intercom between Ports No
Magic Jack Plus Compatible No
Manual Call Transfer No
Unlimited Manual Transfer to any Port No
Manufacturer Multi-Link, Inc.
Modem 1300 Hz Tone Auto Detection No
No Answer Transfer Mode Yes
Total Devices - Excluding Answer Device 3
Programmable Rings for individual Ports No
Programmable Rings to Ports No
Protected Hook Flash No
Pulse Tone Detection - for rotary phones No
Remote Diagnostics and Programming No
Rings to Answer Option No
Programmable Security Access Codes No
Security Access Code for VOICE Port No
Security Access Code for MODEM Port(s) No
Security Acess Codes to Any Port No
Security Access Modem Routing No
Semi-Automatic (Passive) Call Routing Yes
Unlimited FREE Toll Free Tech Support 8 hour / 5 day
Tone Detaction Timer No
Total Ports - Including linked ports. 3
Touch Tone Detection - for modern phones No
Unanswered Call - Auto Transfer to any port No
Unanswered Call - Auto Transfer to Fax No
Phone Company Voice Mail Compatible in Distinctive Ring Mode Yes

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